FUNSEAKER it is not only the name of a boat. It is a concept that we designed so that you can find the ultimate pleasure of being at this time in the Caribbean regardless of your age.

Our recipe? An ultra comfortable boat, a captain and a crew actually at your service and leisure facilities on board to make your day even more exciting!

Captain Sebastien

Sebastian has been an islander for over 20 years. His love of boating took him from the city of Paris, France to the small island of Saint Martin where he knew he could be near some of the most luxurious yachts year-round. He has worked with some of best captains from a young age and has watched St. Martin grow into the “Friendly Island” it is today. He has made St Martin his home and boating is his life. He loves meeting people from all over the world and always upholds high standards based on many years of experience in the boating and service industries.


Maximum of 18 guests onboard for an intimate and selected time.


A luxurious, spacious and stable powercatamaran with many shadded area.


Many watersports available onboard for all ages.